_Cap Companies
  Low ESR Capacitor Manufacturers  
Brand Logo Link Country Notes
    Arcon (no link) TW  
    Asiacon TW A Hermei Brand
    CapXon TW CapXon can be fine in power supplies.
    Chhsi (site dead) TW  

Choyo (no link)

    CTC (no link) TW  
    DST (no link) TW  
    Elite TW  
    Evercon TW  
    Fuh Yin TW  
    Fuhjyyu TW Bad experience in PSUs
    Fujitsu JP Reliable although some minor fails noted.
    Fujicon TW  
    Gloria TW  
    G-Luxon TW  
    GL (no link) TW  
    GSC TW Old site is dead
    HEC (no site) TW Dongguan City Dongyangguang Capacitor Co
    Hermei TW  
    I.Q. TW An Ost Brand
    Jackcon TW  
    JDEC (no site) TW  
    JEE (no site) TW  
    Jpcon TW  
    Jun Fu  
    Koshin HK  
    Lelon TW  
    Licon TW A Fujicon Brand
    Ltec TW  
    Nichicon JP Generally Reliable, execpt for massive fails of HN and HM series on Dell, Intel and Apple motherboards due to error in manufacture. Possible Counterfeit.
    Nkcon (no site) TW  
    Nover TW  
    Ost TW  
    Panasonic JP Reliable. Possible Counterfeit.
    Partsnic KR Previously Daewoo
    Pce-tur (no site) TW  
    Raycon (no site) TW  
    Rubycon JP Reliable. Possible Counterfeit.
    Rubysun CN  
    Rulycon (no site) TW Counterfeit Rubycon
    Samxon HK Reliable. Possible Counterfeit.
    Sanyo JP Reliable. Possible Counterfeit.
    Skywell TW  
    Stone TW  
    Supacon (no site) TW  
    Suntan HK  
    Su'scon TW  
    Taicon TW A Nichicon Company but some fails seen on Asrock, Asus boards.
    Tayeh (no site) TW  
    Teapo TW Teapo are often fine in power supplies.
    TMS (no site) TW  
    Tocon TW  
    Toshin Kogyo JP TK Brand, distributed by Ost
    Unicon TW  
    United Chemicon JP Some fails of KZG series on motherboard. Possible counterfeit.
    Wendell TW  
    YEC TW  
  The Green and Red colours indicate experience of the capacitor products by repair technicians, whether reliable or unreliable. However it is limited to the wet electrolytic Low ESR capacitors of reasonably high capacitance (over 330uf) and not the polymer capacitors or other products which these companies may make also.  
  CN = China, HK = Hong Kong, JP = Japan, TW = Taiwan  
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