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  Should you repair the board yourself?  
  One confusing choice is whether you should repair a motherboard with bad capacitors on it yourself or seek the assistance of a professional.  
  There is a chance that if you try to repair the board yourself you may damage it. However on badcaps forum we have helped many beginners to repair a motherboard properly the first time. There have been a few failures but the majority of these have been due to not being careful enough.  
  There is a good chance you can do it but it is recommended to practice first in order to get a good technique and also to see if your soldering iron is powerful enough.  
  If you decide that you would rather a professional to recap your motherboard then the following technicians are your best choice.  
  Professional Recapping Services  
  Badcaps.net offers professional recapping services and the work done is very good indeed. You can search in google to see many references of satisfied customers. Recommended. Services are offered to USA and Canada only.  
  KC8ADU is a member of badcaps forum who not only repairs motherboards and PSU units but also any hardware with capacitors in, including audio equipment and expensive industrial equipment. Also recommended. You can find him on the forum. He is also US based and doubtful that he will repair stuff for overseas customers.  
  You may find other companies that offer these services on the internet but we are not in a position to recommend them. So make sure you are sure about their reputation before you send your board off.  
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